Skyline Marine Center

Like all of the sites I build, this one is mobile responsive. It features a tabbed interface on some pages and content within accordians on others.

Cosmetic Surgical Arts

This site features a number of custom features. The extensive ‘before and after’ gallery is a highlight and much used section of the site. The contact forms harvest the user information by emailing the clinic office, recording the info to a Google Spreadsheet and submitting the info to custom lists in MailChimp. It also accepts client testimonials, through a form, which are approved by the clinic before being posted to the site.

VW's Home and Garden

VWHomeAndGarden.com, along with sister site, VanWingerden.com show off the company’s huge range of greenhouse-grown plants available for retail and wholesale. The catalog is powered by WooCommerce. Fully mobile ready and full of small enhancements such as tabbed interfaces and image galleries.

The Trees

This website for a rock band features embedded YouTube videos, image galleries and blog posts. It also has an embedded section with 3rd party content from the band’s ReverbNation page. Fully mobile responsive for viewing on phones and tablets.

Ocean Naturals

I built the ‘find a store’ feature on top of a 3rd party plugin which had many important features but was lacking just a few things. I also created a script to auto-import over 3000 locations from a spreadsheet into the plugin. Also, I redesigned and reprogrammed the ‘trace my tuna’ feature on top of 3rd party API.